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We specialize in minor cosmetic repair to vehicle interior trim components, seats, dashes and more. Save money and increase your vehicle’s value. When we’re finished, the damaged area will look new and be ready for you to drive away and continue to enjoy your vehicle.

Our Process

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Deep Analysis

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Strategic Planning

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Multilevel Actions

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extended package

80$per month
  • 5 projects
  • 4 users
  • 5 GB Space



120$per month
  • 10 projects
  • 6 users
  • 50 GB Space
  • Bonus

Private Customers

package with no limit

199$per month
  • projects – no limit
  • users – no limit
  • 150 GB Space

Professional, Efficient, Local

Saving you money by repairing, not replacing.


We specialize in minor cosmetic repair to vehicle interior trim components, seats, dashes and more. Save money and increase your vehicle’s value by trusting us with a professional repair rather than replacing costly components. When we’re finished, the damaged area will look new and be ready for you or your customers to drive away, creating value for vehicle owners, dealerships and body shops.

Serving the Greater Denver Area

Our Mobile Service is fast and convenient. A friendly and knowledgable technician will visit your dealership, body shop or home for a free inspection of any vehicles in need of repair. Flexibility and quality of work are our highest priority which is why our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Unlimited Options

Leather, plastic vinyl, and cloth repairs including: Seats, dashes, door panels, steering wheels, center consoles, carpets, headliners and more. We can meet most of your interior repair needs and also specialize on windshield chips.

Skill & Eco Friendly Techniques

Rugged, Eco-friendly products and industry leading techniques provide invisible repairs that our skilled technicians color-match by hand, eliminating any color variance from ‘machine-matched’ dyes and paints.

Our Customers


Our clients include pre-owned departments at major dealerships, used car specialists, body shops and retail customers. We understand the demands of each of our customer groups, providing them with significant value. Our standardized and highly attractive pricing model makes repair decisions easy.

Your Advantage: Pre-Owned Sales

We understand the value drivers in your business. Quick, hassle-free turnaround of the used car inventory as well as exceptional customer satisfaction are primary factors affecting your bottom line. We offer our customers a seamless, regular scan of all new vehicle arrivals, thereby eliminating any concerns about potential customer objections caused by interior damage.

Your Advantage: Body Shops

Interior damage caused by collisions, auto theft or technician error during body work repair occurs frequently and can sometimes significantly affect your bottom line. By trusting us to repair potential damage rather than replacing the damaged parts, we help you in keeping your customer satisfaction at the highest level while simultaneously minimizing your costs. Both you and your customers win.